I am on a beach, my toes and fingers buried in the warm, soft sand. The sun is shining down from a clear, blue sky. The wind is blowing gently, caressing my skin which otherwise would be slightly too hot. Above me, a big lush tree, it’s thick branches filled with green leaves, stretching out  and providing shelter and a cooling shadow. The waves meet the beach in a slow but steady rhythm, caressing the soft sand, making love to the rocks and shells, exploding into white foam before slowly pulling back and disappearing into the big, blue ocean, only to return seconds later for another round. Beyond the beach, out in the sea, the humpback whales  enjoy the sun too, breaking the blue surface with their black fin, gliding effortlessly through the water, bursting out a whoosh, a fountain of water, before slowly gliding into the dark sea again.
I am in a big, lush tree. The thick stem and branches providing the perfect climb, allowing me to go all the way to the top, where I found a seat in between two branches. The wind has picked up, slowly rocking my little hiding place back and forth. My hands are wrapped around the thick stem, my upper body and cheek pressed against the rough bark, I am so high above the world, yet in such a safe place. The tree has been here for hundred of years, has stood up through hundreds of storms, it will keep me safe and protect me. I take deep breaths of fresh air, feel the tree being alive under my hands and cheek, close my eyes and let the tree rock me slowly back and forth.
I take a long step forward, and let myself fall into the blue, welcoming water. Empty my lungs and my vest, let myself sink slowly down, the equipment that was so heavy seconds ago is barely touching my shoulders now. I sink slowly towards the reef below, let myself yet again be amazed by the well-known feeling of breathing under water. Slowly sinking until I reach the top of the reef, being greeted by hundreds of tiny, colorful fish. I move my legs slowly up and down, my fins catching water and pushing me carefully forward, I follow the reef in a relaxing pace, feel how my body is floating in soft tenderness, hearing nothing but my own steady breath. I hold my breath, and hear something else – the whales. They talk to each other with calming song, I can hear the old, wise grandfather, the young impatient cub and the caring mother. Their song blends with my own breath as I glide slowly through the blue water.
I am half-way up a mountain side, sitting on a soft patch of grass. Below me I can see half the island, right in front of me – but far away – is another mountain. It is wrapped in big, soft clouds, they are slowly making their way around the top, it looks like the mountain is wrapped in a blanket of cotton. Below the mountain, small clusters of houses, tiny villages along the shore, hundreds of people living their lives peacefully, not knowing I am far above them, watching them all. Out to the sea, to my left, the sky is glowing, as though it was in flames, but it is only the sun wishing me a pleasant night, sending it last orange, pinks and red rays of light up to caress the silent cotton clouds.
Did you know that aloha means “with love”?
More images coming in a slideshow soon… 🙂