I can not claim that I am in any way lonely over here in California. I have got a number of very good friends that are always up for some fun, and I know that I will always have someone to call. And with skype I can keep up with everybody back home, too. There is one thing, however, that I have discovered from the times where I have been traveling alone (which I have had a tendency to do) – it is not lacking company while traveling that is the problem – it is the lack of it afterwords that is the sad part!
When we went to Vegas this summer, one of the best parts of the whole trip was telling everybody the crazy stories afterwards. Yes, it was definitely hilarious then and there, too – but laughing at lost shoes and peculiar credit card reports, together with the people involved, is definitely part of the experience.
I know this – and it has had me worried a bit. What if, in a few years, all my memories from San Francisco will just wither and fade away, because of my lack of people to share them with?
Which is why I am so thankful today. I am on my way to San Francisco International Airport to pick up my boyfriend whose plane is landing as I write this. My family was here in february. I had a friend over last fall – and another one just told me she bought tickets for this summer. Having loved ones in my life who cares so much that they come over here to visit me (or use me as a good excuse for a vacation – whatever works!) means that when I leave SF behind, I will have amazing people that I can say “Hey, remember that time in San Francisco when…” to. Whether it is lost shoes and money in Vegas, beautiful bike rides in pouring rain or just quiet afternoons drinking wine in Dolores Park.
So people – if you have ever thought about paying a visit to the beautiful city of San Francisco: Now is the time! Come visit me!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wiii I remember that time in SF……I wish I could come over this summer to visit you again, but money matters, allthough I am looking for cheap tickets, anyway enjoy the days with Ole and we will keep in touch…..love your blogging Anita!

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