My migration from cold, snowy, dark Norway to friendly, sunny, bright California was, although not very planned for, a very good migration; a migration one can be happy with, a success!

The other day, I realized that I was stuck in WordPress, not getting the site to do any of the customizations I wanted, not being able to edit the css witout paying, not being able to embed my slideshows in the blog. So I thought, hey, if I can migrate thousands of miles, across the world – why can’t I migrate my blog from WordPress to something that will actually do as I want it to? it is my blog, my thoughts, my life – I want to decide how it’s gonna look like and what to embed in it!
A shout-out to Blogspot. Edit mode is simple and unimpressive at a first glance, but you can do so much more stuff with it! So long, WordPress. Hello, Blogspot.
Otherwise, the blog is still the same. Me and my life and my friends and San Francisco. Enjoy!