Every morning, at some point between eight and nine – depending on whether I had to made a skype-call that morning, or whether there were any urgent emails I needed to reply to, or whether last night went on a little too long – I jump on my beautiful little Bianchi, the green one with pink handlebars, put on my helmet (ever since my co-worker was in a bike accident I’ve been using it without exceptions) and swoosh down to 16th and Mission.
The BART – Bay Area Rapid Transit – is something similar to “T-banen” in Oslo, and in about the same state as the oldest, most worn-out trains from the early eighties. And they smell. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot – and you never know which carts are the most bearable…
But there are not a lot of people, especially not in my direction, Silicon Valley, where most people have too much money to be bothered with such a trivial thing as public transportation. It has been said that the only way to recognize a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur is by his car: His clothes will be laidback and well used, he will not spend too much on jewelry, he will eat the same food as everyone else – but he will have a sweet car. Not your fancy penis-enhancing sport- car, just a car that has all the latest technology, low mile-per-gallon rate and comfy seats.
I noticed that when I am describing the average Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I am using “him”. Usually I would – out of spite and just to make a point – call any exemplification “her”, but in the case of Silicon Valley that would just not cut it. There are a clear overweight of non-females in this little part of the world, no question about it. Although I must say that 1) I am being well taken care of but without any chivalry 2) I am, as always, quite comfortable working with guys. Guys, I will not call you “simple”, not at all – but you are definitely a lot easier to relate to and hang around than us girls! Yes, I will include myself in “us girls”, even though I do not like to admit it.
Back to the BART ride. due to all the male Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with fancy, but not over-the-top, cars, I can easily bring my bike on the BART. After a 25 min ride to San Bruno, I will get on my bike again and this time not swoosh (because it’s uphill) but at least make my way to the office.
My BART ride is slowly getting towards its end now. It is exactly one blog-post long – how convenient!
Welcome to the wonderful world of commu-blogging (that is, commute blogging, not communist blogging – although I’m sure either would apply for you :P ). Although if you truly want to blend in – and I suspect you may not – you’ll do well to drop the “the” article in front of BART. People here look at you weirdly if you refer to it as “The” BART. Like “the” 101. Or “the” homeless guy sleeping on my front stoop.
Blog on, and thanks for the linky! :)