I assume that my readers already know very well that I have been residing in San Francisco/Bay area for the last few months. (Hey, who else would read my blog, other that A. People who miss me or B. People who has met me on this side of the little pond that separates me from my home)
So, I came here in early june 2009, through the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Programme, “Gründerskolen” in Norwegian. We did classes at Berkeley, and unpaid internships – Ethnographic Research was the official term – so the whole summer was basically work 9-5, school or homework 5-9, and a LOT of partying. Hey, we were 30 norwegians, none of us knew each other, in a new place, where it was sun and summer and nice – we had a swimming-pool AND a giant jacuzzi – of course we needed to do some decent team-building (read: barbeque and get drunk).
For the records, the “sun and summer and nice”-part is because we did not live in San Francisco, but in one of the suburb cities called Mountain View. The jacuzzi was nice. There was a whole-in-the-wall bar that had disgusting but cheap drinks. And there was sun. That was about it. I emigrated to San Francisco as soon as I had the chance.
About six weeks into the summer stay, I got the job-offer. I will tell that story in another blog post later – let me just tell you, it was absolutely thrilling and possibly the best chance I have ever been given. I am ever so grateful, proud and good old fashioned happy!
So come end of august, all the other norwegians were leaving one by one, while I packed my bag and moved in to San Francisco. It was strange, all of them going home to meet their boyfriends and family and friends, while I was staying in a city where I knew my roommate, this guy I met in Thailand two years ago, and my coworkers, of which only one was my age and in the city.
But the day the last norwegian left, I got a visitor from home. And then we launched our product, which led to a week of 24/7 work. And then I went home to get my new visa – and got to see both my boyfriend, my family and all my friends.
So I have not really felt like I was here, by myself, for real – until now. I have to say, it feels pretty good, and not at all lonely or scary as I, in a few dark moments, might have feared. (Even though I do miss everybody back home, of course!)
And, what do you know – I am making new friends! Being alone and bored has not been an issue yet, and will probably not. The few evenings I’ve had alone has been more a necessity out of lack of sleep.
So to everybody back home; I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you soon. I will be home for christmas!
And to everybody here in San Francisco; thanks for making this an amazing adventure!