On the concept of gathering a lot of people who don’t know each other.
As my readers might have noticed, november 16th was my birthday, and since birthdays are always a good excuse to have some good old-fashined fun, I decided to throw a party last friday. The plan was dinner at Les Joulins, a low-key french-style jazz bistro, and then head out for drinks. I invited pretty much everyone I knew.
Over the last few months I have gotten to know quite a few people. I would not say that I have a lot of friends here – far from it – but the people I do know are good-hearted, fun and always up for doing something entertaining. So even though I might count them on two hands and a few toes – I am definitely not lonely!
The interesting part about this little party was the fact that all my friends here, I have met totally randomly. On a jeep-bus in Thailand. In a hot-tub. At a concert where I was alone and decided “she’s gonna be my friend whether she likes it or not”. Through Craig’s list. Friends of friends who happens to live in San Francisco. Friends of friends of people I have met randomly.
So, naturally, these people are all very, very different. And none of them knew each other.
Norwegian, Indian, Russian, French, American and Canadian heritage. Engineering, Visual arts, Non-Profit, Theatre, Marketing and Teaching. Straigh, bi and gay. Hindu, protestant, catholic, jewish and buddhist – albeit mostly by birth. Rich, middle class and students. Capitalists, socialists and revolutionaries.
~ And this was just the eight people that came for dinner!
There is one thing, though, all of these have in common. No, not me, that would be way to self-absorbed, even though there is a certain logic to it seeing that I am arranging the party. No, the thing they have in common is; they’re all open-minded, friendly and amazing people. And if that is not the perfect recipe for a perfect celebration – what is?
It was the perfect celebration.
Epic, as some referred to it.
It resulted in “a severe case of the stupids” the next day, as others quoted.