In San Diego. Crunching. Making magic happen.

This Monday, I got to play with our alpha product for the very first time. It’s an amazing process, seeing it come to life!

In one way, it is so satisfying. It’s getting real, with all those long hours we’ve spent preparing for it, and now it’s finally getting close! Exciting and satisfying!

On the other hand, the more ready we become, the more impatient I become for finishing, launching, marketing, sharing, making it happen! I want it, and I want it now! Just a few weeks ago, it was so far away. We’ve been working on this for months, conceptualizing, pivoting, trying, failing, trying again. And now, now we’re getting there. Closer and closer. The logic would be that I’d be excited, but satisfied – but the matter of fact is that the closer we get the more impatient I grow. Excited, yes. Satisfied, no.

We launch in about 6 weeks. My fingers itch for pressing the imaginary big green button, even though we’re far from ready.

Let’s do this!!

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