Welcome to your future.

Will you take the red pill or the blue? Or the purple, or the pink, or the dark red, or the multicolored one? This sparkly one with unicorns and rainbows, perhaps? (yes please!)

As I came to realize that my current work situation was coming to somewhat of an end, I also realized I was standing in front of what could be a wealth of new opportunities, alternatively an empty space of nothing to do (though I was hoping for the former, of course). As an entrepreneurial spirit, I welcome and embrace the unknown and was actually looking forward to an open slate and unbooked calendar.

And what’s the most reasonable thing to do, when suddenly all of the things you thought you needed to do are removed? You go on vacation, of course! A couple of weeks in San Francisco, a few weeks in Australia – trips that were already planned though now they took on an entirely new level of vacation. It’s funny how vacations when you have nothing specific to come home to takes on a completely different level of relaxation – yet it also reduces that intense craving to get enjoyment out of every second. When you know that your days of vacation are limited, you squeeze relaxation and adventure out of every single moment, afraid to miss out of the opportunity – but now that I knew there wasn’t really anything to come back to, I kind of more strolled around and observed where life would take me. Of course there was plenty adventure and relaxation, but there wasn’t the same level of desperate getting away that I have experienced before.

And now I’m back in reality. Jet lagged, slightly more tanned than when I left, and with the road wide open in front of me.

At this point, anything can happen.